Alluring Events + Design {Winter Wedding Colors}

Today we are sharing winter wedding inspiration with you! Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and we are so happy about it! There are tons of up-sides to having a winter wedding (financial and logistical), but one of the most wonderful ‘upsides’ is the styling and design freedoms you have. Winter allows you to step outside of the normal colors and trends and bring in new elements, color combos and textures. You can really play up the warm and cozy colors with a soft and candlelit wedding, or go in the direction of a subtle cool and crisp winter wonderland feel like the photo below. Blues are making a come back and are really proving to be a gorgeous choice in weddings. One of our favorite Winter color combinations right now are Dusty Blues, Grays and Navy. Together these colors are perfect for those icy and overcast January and February weddings, they scream ‘winter’ but allow you to be elegant and chic. We found so many examples we wanted to share, but limited them down to the group of photos below.

{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}

Dusty Blue, Gray, Navy








Photos: Brit + Co | Cupshe | Every Last Detail | Ruffled Blog

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Alluring Events + Design {Trending: Sweaters + Scarves}

This winter the team at Alluring Events and Design is hoping to see this wedding trend in full effect; Cozy sweaters and scarves used in Bride and Bridesmaid’s fashion.

This is such an easy way to give your wedding personality and a uniqueness and differ yourself from the typical wedding and wedding party ‘look’. Adding sweaters and scarves into your wedding fashion will bring in the cozy and comfortable feel that makes your guests feel relaxed and welcome. It’s the same effect as walking into someone’s home and seeing the fireplace roaring – you automatically feel more at home and comfy. The same goes in weddings – if your guests see warm and comfy bridesmaids they will feel more comfortable staying bundled up, warm, happy and at ease.

Not only does it look so pretty with the added textures, layers, colors and variety, but your bridesmaids will definitely thank you! No one likes to freeze and feel uncomfortable with 100 eyes watching them and photos being snapped of their goosebump skin and chattering teeth. So this is a great way to please your best girls and let them wear something they can continue wearing again and again even after the wedding.

Take some inspiration from the photos below.

{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}

Sweaters + Scarves








Photos: Want That Wedding | Ruffled Blog | Botanical Brouhaha | Cup of Jo | Morning Lavender

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Alluring Events + Design {Rehearsal Dinner Locations}

As wedding planners we are often asked for restaurant recommendations for rehearsal dinners. Rehearsal dinners are so much fun and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your most intimate group of friends and family. It is your time to thank them, honor them and celebrate with them! While there are dozens and dozens of amazing places all over Northern California we have narrowed a few of them down to Sacramento. Below is a list of some of the Alluring Events and Design girl’s favorite spots to hold rehearsal dinners and gatherings in the Sacramento area. Enjoy!

Low Brau | Cask and Barre | Paragary’s | Lucca | Ten 22 | Firehouse | Zocolos | Mulvaney’s | Hook + Ladder | Cafeteria 15L

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Alluring Events + Design {Personal Tips from the Professionals}

I am going to be real honest and tell you a secret of ours… wedding planners l-o-v-e to plan other’s weddings, BUT, we don’t like planning our own!! We have the same dilemmas and drama as everyone else. We might be able to put a wedding together with the snap of a finger, but there is something about your own wedding that makes you want to pull your hair out. So, believe us when we tell you that we understand how you feel! It is our job to make sure you don’t have some of the same experiences we have. With that said, this is a post of advice and examples from two of the married ladies of Alluring Events + Design. I will go first…

I married my number one man back in 2011, long before I considered becoming a wedding planner myself. It was overwhelming. I knew what I liked and what I wanted, but I also new what the traditions and typical wedding festivities were. Looking back, my wish is that my husband and I had done things our way! Instead, we did things according to other people’s opinions and we followed the guidelines of what a wedding was “supposed” to be.

A personal example of mine would be… having a First Look. We didn’t do this because ‘traditionally you aren’t supposed to’. Well, I don’t see any bad things happening to the couples who did do first looks!! There is no harm in it, and if it works better for you then do it! I think I would have been much more relaxed and calm if I had seen my husband ahead of time, he is my comfort and security and it would have been really nice. Other examples are things like cake cutting, garter tosses and wedding parties – all things we would have probably done without had we done things our way.

So learn from my mistakes and stick to your gut feelings. Have a wedding that reflects you in every way. If you don’t like something then take it out, if a tradition makes you uncomfortable then remove it, if you’ve thought of a fun aspect to incorporate then add it in, if there are guests you don’t want at your day then stick up for yourself, and if you want to change things up and make the day unique to you then absolutely do it your way!

{xo, Rachele} Pictures by Shannon Cunnigham Photography

Looking back on my wedding there are a couple things I would have done differently. I planned our wedding in two months and it was a bit of a whirlwind. This meant there were things I did not put as much detail and effort into as I would have liked.

One major area was Paperie. We wanted to stay on a minimal budget, so we ordered the cheapest/easiest invitations we could find online. They were fine, and kind of fun, but they did not reflect the overall design of our wedding. Inexpensive invitations and paperie items are completely fine and are a great area to save on costs, but try to make sure they still reflect you. They are the first glimpse into your big day and you want them to be cohesive with the wedding. Along with the invites, our seating chart was an afterthought. I printed out the table assignments myself a couple days before my wedding! We also had a printed note at everyone’s place settings and I wish I would have made them more custom and spent more time personalizing them. I was working full time and did not ask for help when I probably should have. The lesson here is to ask for help! You don’t have to do it all on your own and you would be surprised how many people would feel incredibly honored to help you with projects for such an important day!

It’s funny because I LOVE planning other people’s weddings and helping to fine tune every little detail…but when it came to my own wedding, those small details weren’t as big of a priority, and I wish they had been. You know the saying “Those who don’t do, teach!” Well, “Those who don’t want to plan their OWN wedding, plan everyone else’s!”

{xo, Kayleigh} Pictures by Carmen Salazar Photography


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Alluring Events + Design {Anadallas + Nic}

Nick and I met over five years ago and after the first date we were inseparable. We fell madly in love and we could not imagine our lives without each other.  Our wedding day was spectacular, we had the time of our lives celebrating our love and marriage with our family and friends. I am so thankful we had so much of our immediate family involved in the wedding party, from my brother marrying us, to my sister-in-law being the maid of honor!  We had so many people travel from far away to celebrate with us and we realized how lucky we are to have such an amazing family! I could not imagine the day running any better than it did. Not once was I stressed out or worried about a thing. Brittany took care of everything! Everyone kept saying how calm I was the before the wedding, and that’s because I knew everything was being taken care of and would turn out perfectly. Every detail came out perfectly and we will remember our wedding for the rest of our lives.

Arden Hills Resort and Spa | Beauty Box Makeup | Bello Fiore | Dogwood party Rentals | Extreme Productions | Freeport Bakery | La Tavola Linen | Rocket Photo Booths | The Floral Co. | XSIGHT

443009 028 418 431 436 440  486 952

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Alluring Events + Design {Bite Sized Deliciousness}

It is no surprise that couples are still spending money where it matters most: the food! Bite-sized favorites like grilled cheese and tomato soup cups are becoming increasingly popular as a passed appetizer. Food selection is an easy way to add creativity to your perfect day, while including some of your favorite bites to the menu.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to planning your menu, and by sticking to favorites you can be sure to please your palate as well as your guests. Not only do these bite size delights make great appetizers, but by adding sweets like milk and cookie shooters, you can add creativity to your dessert menu as well.

At Alluring Events and Design we are always on the lookout for creative and delicious ways to break the traditional mold, and what better way then by adding your favorite bites to the menu!

{Katie, Alluring Events + Design Intern}









{ Delicious picture from }


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Alluring Events + Design {Home Baked Treats}

Home cooked favors are a great way to bring something personal and special to your big day. Whether you have your favorite bakery or friend whip of a special treat to send your guests home with at the end of the night, your gesture will surely never go unnoticed. Whether it be miniature bundt cakes or jars of your favorite jam, baked goods are a fun way to add creativity to your wedding.

At Alluring Events + Design we are always looking for new ways to bring innovate twists to traditional days and this is one of our favorites. What better way to curb the wedding hangover for guests then by leaving them a reminder of how special your day was? Take a look at some of the delicious ideas we love!

{Katie, Alluring Events + Design Intern}


11 2233

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Alluring Events + Design {Non Traditional Centerpieces}

One easy way to add a unique flare to your wedding is to switch up ordinary floral arrangements for creative non-floral centerpieces. You can cut wedding costs by choosing a non-floral centerpiece, while still creating your picture perfect day. These centerpieces are so stunning that you won’t miss floral pieces.

At Alluring Events + Design we are always encouraging our clients to be creative and follow their unique style when designing their wedding day. Breaking traditional designs can bring an individual flare that will give your wedding a feeling all it’s own. Why not mix it up? Just look at a few of the beautiful centerpieces we have picked to help spark all the creative ideas that await your special day. Have fun!

{Katie Wilcox, Alluring Events + Design Intern}

3 2 1








(Image 1, Image 2, Image 3)

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Alluring Events + Design {Shannon + Garrett}

Shannon and Garrett married in the charming St. Peter’s Chapel on Mare Island this July. What made this ‘fairy tale like’ day even more magical was the fact that Shannon was the 4th generation to marry in this chapel. Proceeding her were her great grandparents, grandparents and parents who all said, “I do” on the exact same steps of the church. It was such a sweet and meaningful day filled with their closest friends and family. The reception was held in the backyard of the Admiral’s Mansion where the bride’s vision for the day was ‘garden party’. She wanted everything to feel calming and whimsical. Towards the end of the evening guests were treated to an ice cream sundae bar catered by Ben and Jerry’s and SJ’s Disc Jockey kept the dance party going! I know Shannon and Garrett will cherish this day; they truly soaked it in and enjoyed their time, which makes us so happy to see. Congratulations to the new couple, we loved being a part of your day!

{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}

Weddings by Wendy Warrick | Buckhorn Catering | SJ’s Disc Jockey | Hair by Sara Gutierrez | Dixon Florist | Ben and Jerry’s Catering | Chairs for Affairs

shannon_Garrate_-14 shannon_Garrate_-126 shannon_Garrate_-148 shannon_Garrate_-168 shannon_Garrate_-177 shannon_Garrate_-235 shannon_Garrate_-242 shannon_Garrate_-246 shannon_Garrate_-502 shannon_Garrate_-541 shannon_Garrate_-728 shannon_Garrate_-774

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Alluring Events + Design {Celeste + Sam}

Sam and Celeste were by far one of the kindest and most genuine couples I have had the pleasure of meeting. It was obvious from the beginning that their marriage was the priority and the wedding was a wonderful bonus that came with it. The venue, Sugar Pine Point, held a special place in the bride’s heart and was full of special memories, so it only made sense to create another unforgettable memory at this location. The design for the day was intended to enhance the venue’s already stunning features, so we used earth tones and natural elements, keeping everything very organic and cohesive with our surroundings. While the rain may have poured early in the evening it did not keep guests from celebrating and honoring Sam and Celeste in a big way (not to mention the insanely beautiful photos the rain can be credited for). A moment from the day that will stay with me was the mention of someone smelling lilacs, right then the bride popped up and said “My Grandpa always used to say one of his very favorite things in life was the smell of lilacs after the rain!”, and of course we both started to tear up and knew there was a reason for everything. Congratulations Sam and Celeste, it was a day that will definitely be remembered.

A Floral Affair | Camelot Party Rentals | Anne and David Pearce | Extreme Productions | La Tavola Linen | Mountain Magic Catering | Sugar Pine Point | Tahoe House Bakery | Rochelle Wilhelms Photography

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