Wedding Picture Bliss

I now pronounce you husband and wife…now time for your very first pictures as a married couple. There are so many amazing aspects of your wedding day; you don’t want to forget any of it. That is why selecting a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable around is a must! Don’t be afraid to have fun, be a bit silly, and maybe even push the limits a little 😉


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Some Engagement Picture Eye Candy

To say the Alluring team loves taking pictures is an understatement…we probably take at least one picture a day. Pictures are just such a great way to capture memories that you can keep forever. Engagement photos should show your personality. They do not need to be stuffy and perfectly posed; they should be fun and full of love. These are the pictures that are announcing your marriage. They should show both your personalities and excitement for the long and beautiful road ahead of you.

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Our Wedding Inspiration – Sarah

If you asked me to tell you what my dream wedding would be like I would describe my exact wedding day. Elegance and simplicity come to mind when thinking of an ideal wedding, which is exactly what mine was. My husband and I were married in the Fall of 2012 at a beautiful venue in Lake Tahoe. Location was on the top of our list; however, we both had very different ideas of what we wanted. I love the beach, and the most important thing to him was to be near a golf course. One place that we both agreed that we loved was Lake Tahoe. After much research and many site visits we chose a golf course in the mountains of Tahoe. Luckily, it also happened to be five minutes from the beach so we were able to take our pictures there. My  inspiration board is a combination of my wedding and also some details I wish I would have added. Our colors were a mix of eggplant and grey…I like how the contrast between dark and light colors really stands out and looks beautiful in pictures. I really wanted the flowers to remain neutral with only a few pops of color. Every girl knows your wedding dress is one of the most important details of your wedding. Personally, I love the look of a very form fitted dress with a subtle amount of details. If I was to do anything differently I would have started with adding a cigar bar. This appeals to the men, and also some women, and creates a great social gathering place. If I were to give a bride some advice it would be to remember that this is one day that you want to perfect…in order for that to happen you have to surround yourself with the people you love and remember to just have fun.



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Our Wedding Inspiration – Brittany

August 1st, 2010 was the most incredible and memorable day of my life.  I married my best friend, the love of my life, the man of my dreams.  My husband, Nick, is all I could have ever hoped and prayed for and more.  I am one blessed girl to be his wife!  I will start by saying that our wedding was beautiful, however, I was so ecstatic about being married that I wasn’t overtaken by all the details.  Although, there are many aspects I would design differently looking back, I am so thankful that my heart was more invested in the marriage ahead than planning the perfect party.

These pictures are a mix of my wedding day, and the things that I would do differently.  I love soft, neutral colors with a vintage and rustic feel.  I love the picture of my husband on the left with his vows because writing our own personal vows to each other was so important to us and made saying “I do” so much more special since they came from our hearts.  I also loved our wedding favors.  We had personalized CD’s made with “our” songs on them, and used them as our place cards for our guests to find their seats.  I get butterflies when I think back on this magical day! I hope this inspires you in your planning and that you allow us to be apart of this exciting process!



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Our Wedding Inspiration – Kayleigh

Working in this industry has really opened my eyes to all the amazing possibilities there are to make your wedding day unique. I always dreamed of a ‘Winter Wonderland’ wedding, but as I grew and as my relationship with my boyfriend grew, that vision has evolved into something more personal and fitting of both our personalities. I was raised in a suburban neighborhood and, like most little girls, loved dolls and barbies and playing house. I was your typical girly girl. My boyfriend, Mark, was raised on the central coast where he rode horses, went on cattle drives, and lived for being outdoors…you could say he was the typical boys boy. While we were raised a little differently we both have a love for camping, hiking and being in the mountains. We love nature and experiencing new and exciting things together.

When thinking about what our wedding day, he was never too crazy about the ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, and I don’t blame him…it’s a bit girly and fairytale-ish. I want our wedding day to incorporate both of our personalities and be unique and special to us as a couple. As you can see from my inspiration board, I tried to combine the country/rustic details with the classic/elegant details. Along with the normal ‘inspiration board’ pictures I wanted to include the little things that show our personalities. We both have a love of food (especially beer and burgers) so I loved the appetizer tray. And along with our deep love for each other, we also have a love of laughter and are always having a good time. I want our day to not only be memorable, but fun as well. Life should be full of love and laughter and we can’t wait to share that special day with the people that mean the most to us.



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Our Wedding Inspiration Laura

Every little girl dreams about their wedding day, what it will be like and who they will marry. I was no exception. Except my dream wedding when I was 7 years old included unicorns, rainbows, a huge poofy dress, and purple flowers everywhere…and I mean everywhere. As much as I would love a wedding just like that now, I’m sure my boyfriend would not feel the same. My boyfriend and I are different in so many ways, I am more laid back go with the flow and he is a man with a plan. Thankfully when it comes to planning our dream wedding, the differences seem to merge quite nicely. Our vision for the perfect wedding is very simple, classic, clean, and romantic.  This is why we chose all black and white, the epitome of classic colors. Not that we do not like all of the trendy colors and themes that are all around us, but we wanted to make sure our wedding as timeless as possible. Of course  I want our wedding to reflect us as a couple and I do not want anyone to think we are BORING.  So little touches such as a midnight snack of root beer floats, cookies and milk, mini cheeseburgers and fries, as well as a little pop of color and a fun pattern thrown in will be a must. We really just want our day to feel elegant and focus on our love, friends, and the joining of our two families.


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Our Wedding Inspiration – Aubrey

Every bride is unique and has their own vision for their big day.  We are lucky enough to share that vision with our brides and assist with bringing that vision to a fabulous reality. We wanted our brides to get to know our own personal styles and visions as well, so each of the girls created an inspiration board. I asked them, “If you could have your dream wedding, or even change elements of the wedding you had…what would it look like?” From there, we came up with these 5 amazing concepts based on our styles and personalities. Every day this week we will post one of our boards, starting with myself! We hope you enjoy, we certainly had fun (even though we may have freaked our boyfriends out in the process…)

About my dream wedding…….

Travel, food, friends, and family are all things I love. So it only makes since to create my wedding based around those things. The beach is my happy place and I feel so relaxed and at ease, which is why I would want to have a ceremony on the beach complete with wildflowers and succulents. I would want my wedding to be casual yet glam. I am a very down to earth kind of person, but would still love to rock a fabulous dress. I am drawn to softer colors and flowers.  I would want to create an intimate environment where everyone is sharing in the experience with me, fun pictures and family style food. The wedding would be a whole weekend event starting with a welcome dinner and finishing with a farewell brunch. Once the festivities are done my hubby and I would jet of to another gorgeous location to honeymoon, perhaps Bali?  A destination wedding is something I have always dreamed about, taking the people closest to me and embarking on this adventure in an exotic and beautiful place.


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Introducing the Alluring Team

I am so overwhelmed by the support I have received by everyone. Thank you so much. Launching this company had been a dream of mine. It is so exciting to see this not only come to life, but to be able to do it with my best friends. How lucky are we to not only be great friends, but share a mutual passion and  be able to turn that passion into a career.  A big thank you to Kim J Martin for doing these awesome head shots for us. Clearly we have fun at work!

Photography: Kim J Martin

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The Frosted Petticoat

The Frosted Petticoat is featuring our gorgeous Gatsby pictures!


EventPlanner/Designer: Alluring Events and Design

Florals: Visual Impact Design

Photographer: Rochelle Wilhelms Photography

Invitations: Invitations Ink

Gowns: Enchanted Bridal Shoppe

Decor Rentals: Dogwood Party Rentals

Cake: Sweet Cakes By Rebecca

DJ: SJ’s Disc Jockey

Linens: Mimi & Co.

Equipment Rentals: America’s Party Rental

Makeup Artist: I Make Beautiful

Tuxes: Tuxedo Den

Venue: Vizcaya Pavillion & Mansion

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