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At Alluring Events we believe ceremony seating is about more than just straight lines and evenly-spaced chairs… it’s about inclusiveness, intimacy, emotions, aesthetics and personal style. Function is important, however, there are a lot of options (besides the traditional amphitheater seating) that are worth considering. Here are a few of our favorites.

Love All Around: Ceremonies in the round, with chairs encircling you, or with seating on three sides, offer unparalleled intimacy because the couple is literally surrounded by family and friends. Your guests will feel more like participants in the ceremony than merely spectators.

The Wandering Way: Organic, natural, and imperfect, a curved aisle is a great complement to a garden or vineyard ceremony site. A winding aisle also serves as a wonderful physical representation of a couple’s romantic journey.

Spiral Ceremony: Another unique arrangement and one that’s a great option for intimate weddings is the spiral. Imagine seeing each of your guests as you walk down the aisle, as opposed to just those seated closest to the aisle. You’ll be able to have a special moment with every guest as you venture to the center.

Casual and Cozy: If you’re hosting an informal or backyard wedding, consider picnic style seating for the ceremony. Blankets of various sizes and styles create a casual, eclectic vibe and allow guests to gather in groups about the altar. Just be sure to have some chairs in the back, Grandma will appreciate it!

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wedding dress tips

  • We have A LOT of information coming your way!
  • As you might know, the boss babes of Alluring Events + With Grace and Love Events have joined forces to open a boutique bridal shop in Sacramento! The name for the shop, Grace + White Bridal, was inspired by the leading ladies themselves – Sara GRACE + Aubrey WHITE. So, you can now call us experts on bridal gowns + dress shopping! And as experts, we thought we’d share our expert tips and advice with you!
  • 5 things to remember when wedding dress shopping: 

-Local trunk shows – most dress shops will offer trunk shows which showcase exclusive gowns from designers they currently carry in store. During those trunk shows the gowns are discounted!

-Finding a dress that is outside of your comfort zone – be open minded when going into dress shopping. Try on different silhouettes, different fabrics and different necklines. Allow yourself to be confident going outside of your comfort zone, and trust your bridal stylist.

-Dresses can sometimes take 6-8 months or longer to come into your store, so plan accordingly to avoid rush fees, and try to avoid the stress of time-crunched alterations.

-Make sure you eat and are hydrated before a fitting. Getting in an out of dresses is a lot of work, so make sure you don’t arrive hungry.

-Be mindful that a stylist will most likely be helping you in and out of your dresses, so don’t be surprised if they are in the fitting room with you while you are in your undies.

  • 5 Things to consider when picking the dress:

-Budget – keep in mind that there will be alterations after purchasing your dress. Alterations can cost a few hundred dollars depending on what you need done, so be sure to factor in that additional cost when purchasing your dress. For example: a bustle, hemming, or cups sewn-in may be necessary.

-Make sure your dress is cohesive to your venue, design and concept. Be sure your dress works with the setting of your venue. You wouldn’t wear an art deco gown while getting married on the beach. Also, keep the weather in mind, you wouldn’t want to wear a long sleeve gown in July in California – trust us.

-The entourage’s opinions – we know you have a wonderful group who’s opinions matter to you, but, try to limit your group so you don’t become overwhelmed with opinions! The most important thing to remember… it’s your dress, your opinion is the most important.

-Once you are in a dress you really like, try sitting in it, and of course, dancing in it. Walk around in your dress to make sure you’re comfortable, and to see how much the dress weighs (yes, wedding gowns can be HEAVY). Practice walking around with a veil on as well, if you are considering wearing one on the big day.

  • Dress fitting tips:

-Wear the shape-wear or undergarments you plan on wearing to your appointments. Try nude and seamless undergarments and possibly bring cups or a sticky bra.

-Bring your wedding shoes and make sure your heel height works with your alterations/hemming.

-Can you sit comfortably and walk around in your dress?

-Come to your appointments with your hair and make up done. A full face of glam and an updo aren’t necessary, but make sure you are looking your best so you have an idea of what you will look like on your big day! It helps pull the full look together.

-Review necessary alterations, and consider your budget to determine what alterations you absolutely need. Hemming and bustle are typically the most important, and of course making sure the dress fits you correctly, and the way you want it to.

  • Research and where to look for current trends:

-Dress Shop research – not all dress shops are the same! Some shops exclusively carry one designer, some are consignment, others are by appointment only, or strictly plus size, etc. They are all different, so make sure when you are booking appointments you know what kind of store you are going to, and what to expect.

-You can find trends and new styles on The Knot, wedding magazines, and of course everyone’s favorites, Pinterest and Instagram! Be sure to have some images of dresses you like so that your stylist can pull designs that you want to try.

-Do some research on the stores you are going to be visiting. They typically have an FAQ section so you know what to expect, along with what designers they carry, and the price points of their dresses.

-New York Fashion Week is huge! Designers are always showcasing upcoming trends on the runways during bridal fashion week. Typically those designs will be released in the following year.

-Hollywood and red carpet events are a great place to look for an upcoming trend. You can always find out what designers celebrities are wearing. Grace and White carries ‘the Gabrielle’, by Leanne Marshall, which was seen on Julianne Hough on Dancing With the Stars, and on Shaun Robinson on the Oscar red carpet.

Well, there you have it, advice, from yours truly!

Lastly, we are of course biased, but we can’t give enough credit to Grace + White Bridal. They are the only bridal boutique in the area that exclusively offers private appointments. You will have the entire shop to yourself, not to mention a custom play list, bottle of bubbly, and free roam of the space for you and your entourage. The experience is like no other, and we couldn’t recommend them more! Happy shopping!

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you are more like our family than our clients

To our valued brides and grooms,

It goes without saying that we are in unusual and uncertain times.

The Alluring Events team is a family – we spend countless hours together, united with one goal: to provide the best-in-class service and event coordination for all of our clients. As we’ve been monitoring the news, we’ve become keenly aware that each and every one of YOU is more like our family, than our clients, which makes this time even more heartbreaking for all of us. As planners, we share in the joy of coordinating, and helping you prepare for your special day, and that will remain unchanged through this extremely trying time.

Our team is committed to the health and safety of each of you, your loved ones, and our community. We’ve been working day and night to keep current with the rapidly evolving news, in order to provide the most solid recommendations to our couples.

We’ve been in contact with our 2020 venues to coordinate and align with their recommendations. We’ll continue to be a source of guidance and support as you work closely with your vendor teams. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will remain in contact as state-wide and national updates become available.

As mentioned, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and please CC us on ALL communication with your venue.

We sincerely hope you, your family, and friends remain safe and healthy.

All our best,

Aubrey Silva and the Alluring Events Team

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5 reasons to have a brunch wedding

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting outside a cafe. The sun warms your face as you sip fresh-squeezed orange juice and ice cold prosecco. The smell of buttered bread and bacon envelops you.

Sounds pretty good, right? There are few things in life better than brunch. So why not make it a central part of your most special day? Here are a few reasons we think the daytime brunch wedding trend is a real winner.

Scrumptious Food

Still imagining the buttered bread and bacon? No judgement here! Brunch food is delicious, and serving it to your wedding guests will basically ensure they love you forever. Eggs, potatoes, fruit, sausage, toast, benedicts – the menu possibilities are endless and could be served plated or buffet style. Or, think a bit more outside the box and opt for interactive food stations that allow your guests to really customize their meals. We’re talking crepe and omelet stations or maybe waffle, yogurt, and bagel bars with all the fixings. And don’t forget dessert! Doughnuts are always a great choice but it’s also never too early for cake.

Delectable Drinks

Refreshing mimosas, fruity bellinis, and spicy Bloody Mary’s will complement the array of food and put your guests in a celebratory state of mind. And much like the brunch food, these drinks can be served in a variety of ways – mixed by bartenders or customized at self-service stations. Of course, many people require a jolt of caffeine in the morning, so consider hiring a mobile coffee bar with professional baristas and espresso machine to serve more than the typical drip coffee. A craft coffee bar definitely impress your guests and serve as a fun reception feature.

A Lower Price Point

By starting your event in the morning or early afternoon, you may be able to cut down on some expenses. Venues that host multiple events per day often charge less for daytime rentals because that time period is not as highly demanded. You’re catering costs will likely be less as well. After all, bacon is considerably cheaper than steak.

Additionally, by hosting your reception during the day, you can skip some decor elements that really add up. For example, with the sun shining, you won’t need to incorporate candles, chandeliers, or uplighting. Shift those expenses to another area of your budget or save the money entirely. Also, even though brunch libations are delicious, people tend to drink a lot less alcohol during the day than they do at night, saving you considerable money.

Colorful, Casual Vibes

If you’re not one for stilettos and black tie, you’ll love the casual vibe that inevitably accompanies a brunch wedding. Laid back daytime nuptials call for  bright, vibrant hues or cheerful pastels. Fruit accents, organic floral arrangements, and seersucker linens are just a few joyful and fresh decorative elements that belong at a brunch wedding.

It’s Different

If you’d like your wedding to be unique and memorable, one that stands out in your guests’ monds for a long time, brunch might be the way to go. Of course, that’s not to say that traditional evening weddings aren’t capable of being different and surprising, because they certainly are. But a simple way to make your wedding distinct from others is to host it a few hours earlier. The early start time on the invitation alone will signal to your guests that they’re in for something special.

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trending: bridal hats

Hats off to a new bridal look!
Fedora, floppy, fascinator…oh my! We are currently loving the emerging trend of bridal hats, whether they’re worn by the bride alone or by her entire bridal party.

While they’re most often used to accentuate a bohemian vibe at weddings and styled shoots, hats can actually complement a multitude of bridal designs – modern, glamorous, and vintage. Afterall, Grace Kelly’s iconic ensemble included a headpiece-like “juliet cap,” and her style could hardly be defined as bohemian. So, hats can work for really any theme and be styled in so many swoon-worthy ways. We particularly love the vibe of a fedora accented by wildflowers or a flowing veil dramatically draped down the back. Remember that bridal photoshoot scene in The Parent Trap that made you want to design wedding gowns? We sure do, and we love seeing that statement piece transcend the silver screen. 

Birdcage | Modern white | Dramatic | Boho veil | Floral | Bridal party

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holiday tablescapes

Christmas is in 2 days and we couldn’t be more excited! Twinkling lights, loads of glitter, and celebrations with friends and family – it’s like this time of year was made with event planners in mind! And because it’s the season of giving, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for decorating the holiday table! So grab a cup (or two) of cheer and join us as we dream of holiday decor! 

Like a wedding reception table setting, the holiday tablescape serves as a major design element and provides you with an opportunity to set a tone for your gathering, highlight a theme, or share your personal style. But don’t let all that intimidate you. Above all, have fun with it. Setting the table doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are a few ideas.

Fresh and Fragrant

Winter provides so many natural elements to incorporate in your table decor – whether you find them in your yard or at the market. Pine branches and live garlands make beautiful and relatively inexpensive table runners. Throw a few oranges, pomegranates, cranberries, or cinnamon sticks into the mix and you’re guests will feel quite welcome. And the fragrance! Mmm…

Log Cabin Christmas

By utilizing a few rustic elements, you can transport family and friends to a woodsy, white Christmas. Buffalo check linens add charm while wood pieces ensure a sense of warmth. Did you have to cut a bit off the base of your tree to get it into the stand? Repurpose those wood pieces as candle bases, plate chargers, coasters, or place card holders!

Winter Whimsy

You don’t have to limit your color palette to the classic red and green to spread holiday spirit. Opt for pastel colors and non-traditional hues like purple and pink for a fun, kid friendly table design. Place bulb and figurine ornaments down the center of the table or even create a gingerbread scene! With bottle brush trees, faux snow, and a sprinkle of glitter, you’ll have a setting sweet enough to make a sugar plum fairy swoon.

Cinnamon Stick | Pomegranates | Buffalo Check | Wooden Setting | Pink | Bright Details 

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In sticking with tradition, the Alluring Events ladies are sharing what they are most grateful for this year. 2019 is wrapping up, and we have so much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for Blake and Tom, especially Blake for always keeping me on my toes and loving me unconditionally. I am thankful or the opportunities this industry has presented me with and the relationships I build daily. And I am always grateful for my team of girls who I can count on both personally and professionally. XO Aubrey

I’m thankful for community – my community encompasses a broad range of people that I couldn’t do life without. I’m thankful for my husband and family that surrounds us, the amazing team of ladies at Alluring Events, and dear friends near and far. Of course, like every year, I’m extremely thankful Christmas is almost here. I’m also really thankful that my fiddle leaf fig has almost survived an entire year. XO Lonnie

This holiday season I am so thankful for my family and friends who support me. I’m thankful for my boyfriend Nick who is always my shoulder to cry on and my biggest fan. I’m lucky enough that I have two jobs and work with amazing all female teams. #BossBabes I’m grateful for all of my wonderful couples & their families who have allowed me to be a part of the best day of their lives. I truly have the best job in the world and for that I am so thankful and my heart is so full! XO Lexi

As always I am thankful for my family and the ever eventful life we lead. I am thankful for my friends who fill my life with non stop laughs and unconditional support. My Alluring girl gang of amazing women who inspire me everyday and to all my couples who give me the absolute blessing to be a part of their wedding day. And most of all…wine. XO Sarah

This year I’m especially grateful for my health and the health of those I love. It’s amazing how life can change in a heartbeat, and this year I hold all my loved ones close.
I’m also grateful for having the whole Thanksgiving week to rest, relax and cook! I love the preparation as much as the meal. XO Amy

I’m thankful for wonderful family and friends who love, support, mentor, and ground me; my dog who makes me laugh and brightens everyday; and my husband – my best friend who believes in me when I don’t and lovingly pushes me to be the best version of myself. XO Molly

This year I’m thankful for an incredible group of ladies who continue to show a never-ending amount of support for each other and all we do professionally and personally. And jiu jitsu, I’m always thankful for jiu jitsu. XO Kelsey

What a year! This year I am abundantly thankful for my family, my husband, my babies and the tribe who surrounds us! It really does take a village, and our village is full of rockstars. I am grateful for a career that allows me to be a part of the intimate and meaningful moments of other’s lives, the vulnerability and love I witness daily gives me hope and strength. And, despite the sometimes (always) hectic schedule, I truly feel blessed for the gifts we have been given this year and all of the wonderful changes that have taken place. XO Rachele



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