introductions – Rachele

Fall is approaching, which is Rachele’s favorite season! With the cooler evenings, fresh crips air in the morning and opportunity to (finally) light her apple spice candles, she is a very happy girl. Rachele’s favorite place to be at any event is ‘behind the scenes’, which is why planning and coordinating is perfect for her. Combine that with her over-the-top love of organizing + craving to design and you get: Wedding Planner at Alluring Events.

Rachele joined Alluring as an Event Coordinator in 2015. She’s especially passionate about working closely with her couples to understand their unique style + helps to suggest details that will allow them to shine through. She loves love, is a romantic at heart and still sheds a tear at every wedding. With a deep understanding of how overwhelming coordinating can be, Rachele uses compassion, open communication and her years of experience to ensure a stress-free experience for her clients. She’s a triple checker + thrives under pressure. Rachele’s goal is to create an experience that leaves her couples looking back on their planning process in a positive way.

When Rachele isn’t working she can be found at home, in sweats with her husband, their sweet kiddos + fur child Remi. She loves brunch, to-do lists, road trips, fresh flowers, Rom Coms, tacos + nachos, organizing, animals, thrift store finds and house projects.

Photography Weddings by Scott + Dana | Makeup Makeup by Susie | Florals The Posh Posey | Venue Kimpton Sawyer | Rentals Found + Celebrations | Linens La Tavola


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bringing destination to you – greece

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding by the sea? Proclaiming your love amidst white stone buildings set into the cliff side, overlooking sparkling waters? Who hasn’t had that fantasy! You may not have a budget of epic proportions or the ability to get your guests to Mykonos + Santorini. You can, however, infuse your wedding, wherever it may be, with Grecian myth and romanticism.

Choose neutral, organic decor – white, ivory, wood, greenery – but don’t be afraid to play with different shades, patterns, and metallics. Incorporate varying hues of blue like indigo and azure to remind your guests of the sea – even if you’re miles away. Opt for lush eucalyptus garlands and white floral on dining tables and olive branches draped on chairs or encircling the cake. For fashion, let out your inner god or goddess with natural, flowing fabrics and opulent, metallic accessories. Consider olive oil as the guest favor or olive leaves as an alternative to rose petals or confetti for the ceremony. Above all, enjoy the day!

Invitations | Bride | Goblet | Olive Oil | Chair | Tablescape

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wedding cake trends

Wedding cakes with little frosting and one to two tiers have been a regular feature on inspiration boards for several years now. Naked cakes + cut cakes have highlighted brides’ preferences for minimalism and raw natural beauty.

But wedding cake aesthetics are ever changing, and we’ve recently seen them trending from small and simple to big and bold. Ambitiously proportioned and ornately decorated cakes are becoming increasingly popular as brides embrace the wedding cake as a reception focal point. Whether they incorporate floating cake stands, abundant floral, or numerous tiers, large cakes are certainly eye-catching. And they serve both decorative and practical purposes. After all, more tiers mean more dessert, and who’s ever complained about that?

If you’re looking to make a statement, consider an opulent cake with soaring tiers + consider Alluring Events to help you fit it into your overall design!

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Introductions – Sarah

As we’ve made our way through team introductions we have been reflecting back on each of our girls and the unique elements they bring to our team… Sarah is definetly the ‘Momma bear’ of our group, always making sure we are taken care of, safe and fed! She is a go-getter and has a great way of balancing her role of being ‘in charge’ while still maintaining her fun and relaxed attitude. Sarah has been with Alluring Events since day one and has been planning weddings since 2013. She is especially passionate about creating relationships with her couples and loves the emotional connections made at weddings. Sarah often cries the happy tears alongside her clients and strives to ensure those are the only kind of tears present! Alleviating stress, proactive planning, and attention to detail are just some of the ways Sarah ensures her couples have the happiest day of their lives. Whether you’re working along side Sarah on a wedding day, or the bride who has the pleasure of planning with Sarah all year long, you will be in amazing, caring and accomplished hands!

Getting personal… Sarah loves date nights with her husband, spending time with her daughter + son, shopping, exercising, day trips + camping, girls weekends away, coffee + wine, traveling, Disneyland and helping with her multiple charities.

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honeymooning in lake como

A Lake Como Honeymoon, how amazing does that sound?!

Blending modern, luxury amenities and old-world romance, Northern Italy’s Lake Como may just be the quintessential honeymoon destination. 

Looking to start your marriage with a little adventure? Lake Como stretches over 50 square miles, and (at the edge of the Alps), offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and activity. With its many restaurants + bars and easy access to the train station + large ferry terminal, the city of Como at the Lake’s southwestern point can act as a great home base from which to explore the region. Jump on a public ferry or rent a wooden Riva motorboat and cruise the lake in style (always keeping an eye out for George Clooney, of course!) In about an hour, you could be sipping espresso on the cobblestoned streets of Bellagio or touring one of the many villas dotting the shore and used in such films as Ocean’s 12 and Casino Royale. 

Not interested in the 007 lifestyle? Not to worry. Lake Como can also suit the couple looking to relax. Lakefront hotels offer privacy, luxurious accommodations, and magnificent views. Lounge by the pool or sip a glass of Chianti on your balcony, enchanted by the lake. Romantic, no? 

Whether Lake Como is a your dream destination or you have somewhere else in mind, let us know, and we will help you book the ultimate honeymoon!

Shoreline | Bellajio | Floating Pool

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Introductions – Amy

If you have worked Amy you know what a joy she is + how much experience she brings! Amy has contributed so much to our team; compassion, expertise, warmth, creativity, efficiency, + skill. She adds so much value to lives, we just love + adore her!

Amy has been planning events with Alluring since 2016. Born to restauranteurs – planning, entertaining and connecting with people are part of Amy’s makeup. She has a passion for all things hospitality, creating magical experiences and seamless event execution. In addition to the proactive planning, she’s always willing to roll up her sleeves, and do whatever it takes to ensure that her couples are stress-free and excited for their special day. She’s also especially good at tapping into her creative side, and designing the perfect elements to match her client’s vision.

A few fun things about Amy…
Her family means the world to her, friendships are kept near and dear, cooking has a special place in her heart + she is a sea & salty-air junky. She also loves Yoga, all things Anthro, LaCroix, Apple TV, all-the-cheese, Spotify playlists, classic novels, fresh-cut flowers, tiki bars, burritos, and sleeping in (who doesn’t?!).

If you are lucky enough to have Amy as your planner, or work along side her at an event, you are truly lucky and in for an amazing day!

Photography Weddings by Scott and Dana | Florals The Posh Posey | Rentals Found + Celebrations | Linens La Tavola | Venue The Sawyer

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Our lovely summer intern, Molly, has some design inspiration for you! Her beautiful design board is below along with her vision for the perfect wedding day…

“The design board I created for a dream wedding has a very similar color palette and vibe to my own wedding, however, mine took place in a vineyard, as opposed to a garden. I loved our vineyard reception; it made for beautiful photographs and accommodated our large crowd, but I LOVE the idea of a serene, private garden for a wedding, it seems so charming – almost magical.

For my dream spring garden wedding, I chose dusty blue and greenery paired with neutrals to evoke the classic romanticism and elegance you’d feel in an English garden, or get from Jane Austen novel (my personal favorite). I also opted for lush, organically arranged floral elements to complement the natural environment of the venue and elicit a sense of abundance. String lights hanging above the wooden tables, chairs, and dance floor – all set on grass – help to make the reception seem enchanted and timeless.”

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Introductions – Aubrey

Happy (finally) Summer! We are continuing with our introductions! It has been a while since you have seen the sweet faces of our team, so today we are sharing fun facts about Aubrey, our fearless leader. For those that don’t know, Aubrey is the glue that holds this crew together, she is everyone’s confidant, Momma bear, boss lady and one of the most giving and sincere people you will ever meet. Believe us when we say she works harder than anyone we know!

Aubrey is the founder and CEO of Alluring Events + Design. She has hundreds of weddings and special events under her belt, and has seen it all! As a result, her event philosophy is based on trust, and open + honest communication with her clients. Aubrey’s planning style is focused on creating a seamless process, allowing her couples to relax and enjoy their special day. Her dedication and attention to detail shows in everything she does. She truly treats every wedding as if it were her own, and dedicates herself fully and wholeheartedly to her couples! (Trust us, she is the BEST of the best).

Aubrey loves her Macbook, traveling, Nordstrom, Audible, pasta, rainy days, In-N-Out-Burger, the beach, farmers markets, baseball, Friends re-runs, Starbucks, picnics, lazy Sundays and cooking.

Photography Weddings by Scott and Dana | Beauty Makeup by Susie | Venue Kimpton Sawyer Hotel | Florals The Posh Posey | Linens La Tavola | Rentals Found + Celebrations

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Introductions – Lonnie

Time flies! It has been a while since we have introduced our team and shared a bit about each planner, so over the next few months we are going to highlight our planners and give you a glimpse into their life, both professional and personal! Along with some fun facts about each of our girls, we are going to share the beautiful details and photos from our latest head shot photo shoot!

First up, we have everyone’s favorite girl – Lonnie! If you’ve met Lonnie you know exactly why she’s everyone’s favorite. Lonnie brings joy wherever she goes and has a magical way of making everyone feel special.
Lonnie joined the Alluring team in 2016 and hasn’t slowed down since. She hails from the Heart of Dixie and has a deep love for old hollywood romances. When it comes to Lonnie’s wedding philosophy she knows that weddings are not only about the couple, but about bringing together family, and close friends for the most beautiful and amazing celebration of love. From the flowers to the getaway car Lonnie is all about the details! She thrives on bringing all of the fine points together to create a day that is unique to each couple.
At the end of the day, she will replace your stress with laughter and leave you with a smile on your face.

Lonnie loves sweet tea, traveling, Vino, Christmas, Jesus, proteas, polaroid pictures, Bob Dylan, happy Hour, laughing and hand written letters. Fun fact about Lonnie… when we say she loves Christmas we REALLY mean she LOVES Christmas! Lonnie can be found listening to Christmas music in her car all year long and watches Christmas movies all summer. If you ask Lonnie how many days until Christmas we bet she can tell you – try it out!

Photography Weddings by Scott and Dana | Florals The Posh Posey | Makeup Makeup by Susie | Linens La Tavola | Rentals Found Rentals + Celebrations

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invitations + what not to do

We all know weddings can be a little stressful. And, more importantly — we know that listing every detail on your invitations can be time consuming. You want your guests to show up to your amazing day, but you also want to make sure they get every piece of information needed. So, how do you make sure you get all of the information to your guests + from your guests?

There is a long list of things you already know TO DO…but here are a few things we will caution you NOT to do (+ an extra tip or two to make your life easier)

– Do NOT tell your guests that your Ceremony will begin 30 minutes sooner than it actually does. We understand why you may think this is a smart idea (because it will ensure everyone is on time), but, it actually creates more chaos. While you are trying to have a private First Look, your guests may end up wandering right into it! Guests typically know to arrive earlier than the ceremony time, so if you try and trick them, they may show up over an hour prior to ceremony and have to wait around for a very long time, with nowhere to go, wondering why you are starting ‘late’ and why they are waiting so long. You also don’t want your guests seeing all of the last minute touches and final set up taking place!

– Do not forget to put how many seats you are allotting on your RSVP card. If you are providing your guests with a plus one, don’t forget to mention that you have “Reserved 2 seats in their name.” Or, if you do not want your friends to bring all five of their adorable children, make sure to also list that you have only reserved two seats in their honor.

– Do not forget to put the RSVP by date on your invitation. It is very important to ask all of your guests to reply at least six weeks before your wedding date. This will give you, your venue, and your amazing vendor team plenty of time to get all of those final counts in and give you some clarity on who you will be dancing the night away with on the dance floor.

– If you need to know specific meal selections for each guest, make sure it’s clear which guest is having each selection. On your RSVP card, ask guests to either write their name or initial beside their meal selection, or have a designated spot for each guest to write in their beef, fish, or veggie preference + their name.

– Will you have a shuttle transporting guests? If so, we strongly recommend a Shuttle RSVP card! This will make sure you know the exact number of guests on each shuttle, how large of a shuttle you will actually need, and it will give you the opportunity to tell those specific guests the shuttle drop off + pick up times and locations.


– An information card. You want your invitations to be beautiful, simple, and reflect the style of your wedding. Therefore, don’t try and cram all detail info on your invitation. Let your invitation remain clutter free, and add a detail card into the suite. The detail card can contain all of the information above, or simply direct guests to your wedding website where all information is listed for them.

Invitation suites below are by the lovely By Invitation Only Ink

Photography by Weddings by Scott and Dana + Katie Palin Photography

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