I’m Throwing a Fundraiser, Now What?! {Initial meeting}

Fundraisers require many different steps and guidelines to get it done correctly so you can raise the most money possible. Now that you have your “team” or committee all set and ready to help, the next step will be to have a first meeting with everyone. In this first meeting you will need to go over a time line of meetings, dates and deadlines, create a contact list, and create to do lists for each person. This way the team will be as effective as possible. Constant contact throughout the process will be necessary. Everyone will need to contact everyone at some point and this contact list will ensure that this process will run more smoothly. To-do lists that include deadlines will need to be passed out to everyone so they know what is expected of them and when it is due. I also like to include calendars with this list as well so all the team members can see when every deadline is and what meetings are taking place even if they are not a part of them. This way if they need to substitute for someone they have all of the info they need to make it happen. Another good reason to hold an immediate meeting {and what I believe is the most important reason} is to really get to know the team you will be working with. This meeting is a chance for everyone to mingle and to get to know everyone who is a part of the fundraiser. You will all be working very closely for the months to come and it helps when you have a face to put to a name. Everyone in the team is there for one reason and that is to raise money for the cause. You all share this common goal and with a team by your side that you can trust, the possibilities are endless.

Laura {Sacramento Wedding Planner}

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