Money Saving {Honeymoon Saving Tips}

Hey all my budget bandits, coupon queens, and super savers! I’m back with our budget tip of the month! Tip#3 is all about the honeymoon! As your wedding approaches, you may be asking yourselves, can we afford a honeymoon? DO NOT PUT IT OFF DUE TO COST. I have a trick to help cover some of the costs. Get a credit card that will get you frequent flyer miles. I went with the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card. You can get as many as 50,000 bonus points just for signing up. Now this is not the only airline that offers rewards, there are many to choose from (Delta, Southwest, Frontier, Etc…) Once you apply and receive your card use it for every expense your wedding will bring from the venue to the shoes you will wear on the day. All of the points you rack up will allow you to save a lot of money on flights for your honeymoon. Maybe even get free flights for both of you depending on how much you spend on the card. Make sure you use the credit card but pay it off as soon as possible because you do not want the interest to counteract the savings it will generate.

** Yes, a honeymoon can be expensive and it requires planning in the midst of the actual wedding day planning. It is no wonder why some couples decide to postpone or not have a honeymoon all together. I could not disagree with this decision more. There are many reasons you should go an a honeymoon and here are a few:

To Relax: Like I said before the wedding day will be a whirlwind. You will spend more time with the guests then your new husband or wife. The honeymoon will give you a chance to relax together with no family or friends around to distract your attention.

To Celebrate: You’re married! Get excited and celebrate! Allow your new married selves some time to kick back and celebrate your new status as an official MARRIED couple.

To Explore:  As a new married couple it is important to grow and experience new things together. A honeymoon propels a couple out into the world together, to experience new places, fun foods, and many more new things together.

Talk about the Future: A honeymoon gives a couple quiet time to imagine their future and ask questions. What do you think our family will be in 5 years? Where do you want to be in 10 years? 20? Those long walks on the beach will be filled with more then kissing and holding hands. The future is exciting and it will be fun to start planning.

{Laura, Sacramento Wedding Planning}

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