Money Saving Tip {Making a Bold Statement}

Hey all my budget bandits, coupon queens, and super savers! I’m back with our budget tip of the month! This tip is all about DÉCOR! Now this section will take a few blogs to get through but to start saving money on décor remember to have BRIGHT COLORS. Using Bright colored decorations will make a bigger statement. Which in turn means that you will not need as many decorations to make the impact you want. This will save you a ton of money on rentals or even supplies for DIY projects. If you are not into bright colors try and incorporate a pattern like chevron, polka dots or stripes. The pattern will have the same effect as a bright color just a little less in your face as a bright color will. If you are really feeling colorful you could even mix the bright colors and the patterns together to get an even more fun look. Don’t be afraid to be bold and express yourself at your wedding. Be different and out of the box and it will be even more memorable to you and all of the guests.   If you cannot picture what either of these ideas would look like click on the links below to get some ideas. 😉

Laura {Sacramento Wedding Planner}

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