Our Wedding Inspiration – Kayleigh

Working in this industry has really opened my eyes to all the amazing possibilities there are to make your wedding day unique. I always dreamed of a ‘Winter Wonderland’ wedding, but as I grew and as my relationship with my boyfriend grew, that vision has evolved into something more personal and fitting of both our personalities. I was raised in a suburban neighborhood and, like most little girls, loved dolls and barbies and playing house. I was your typical girly girl. My boyfriend, Mark, was raised on the central coast where he rode horses, went on cattle drives, and lived for being outdoors…you could say he was the typical boys boy. While we were raised a little differently we both have a love for camping, hiking and being in the mountains. We love nature and experiencing new and exciting things together.

When thinking about what our wedding day, he was never too crazy about the ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, and I don’t blame him…it’s a bit girly and fairytale-ish. I want our wedding day to incorporate both of our personalities and be unique and special to us as a couple. As you can see from my inspiration board, I tried to combine the country/rustic details with the classic/elegant details. Along with the normal ‘inspiration board’ pictures I wanted to include the little things that show our personalities. We both have a love of food (especially beer and burgers) so I loved the appetizer tray. And along with our deep love for each other, we also have a love of laughter and are always having a good time. I want our day to not only be memorable, but fun as well. Life should be full of love and laughter and we can’t wait to share that special day with the people that mean the most to us.



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