Our Wedding Inspiration Laura

Every little girl dreams about their wedding day, what it will be like and who they will marry. I was no exception. Except my dream wedding when I was 7 years old included unicorns, rainbows, a huge poofy dress, and purple flowers everywhere…and I mean everywhere. As much as I would love a wedding just like that now, I’m sure my boyfriend would not feel the same. My boyfriend and I are different in so many ways, I am more laid back go with the flow and he is a man with a plan. Thankfully when it comes to planning our dream wedding, the differences seem to merge quite nicely. Our vision for the perfect wedding is very simple, classic, clean, and romantic.  This is why we chose all black and white, the epitome of classic colors. Not that we do not like all of the trendy colors and themes that are all around us, but we wanted to make sure our wedding as timeless as possible. Of course  I want our wedding to reflect us as a couple and I do not want anyone to think we are BORING.  So little touches such as a midnight snack of root beer floats, cookies and milk, mini cheeseburgers and fries, as well as a little pop of color and a fun pattern thrown in will be a must. We really just want our day to feel elegant and focus on our love, friends, and the joining of our two families.


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