Sacramento Wedding Planner – Wedding Invitation 101

One component of the wedding planning process that we seem to get many questions on is: The Invitations. When do I send them out? What should I put on them? How do I word this or that? So, we thought it would be helpful to create a little list of Wedding Invitation 101.

*     Send out invitations 8 weeks before the wedding date with a RSVP date 4 weeks before the wedding date.

*     Include:
- Date
- Time
- Location
- Gift registry
- Wedding Webpage
- Hotel accommodations
- A return envelop addressed with postage for RSVP card
- Directions 
- If the bar is cash include a note about this.

*     Spell out street names such as Boulevard, Street, Avenue etc.

*     How to handle an adult only wedding:
- Include the verbiage “Adult only ceremony and reception”
- Touch base with   them to insure they understand.

– Alternative: hire a baby sitter and have a kid’s pizza party in a hotel room

*     Be specific on names. Do not write The Smith Family, this is too broad. Instead, write Mr and Mrs John Smith or John and Jane Smith.

*    How to ensure single guests do not invite a date. On the invitation, write only that person’s name and be specific on the RSVP card. For example: We have reserved 1 spot in the name of John smith for our wedding.

Tip- check your wedding registry throughout your engagement. If there only seems to be expensive gifts left add a few inexpensive gifts as well. Also, don’t register for seasonal items as they may not be in stock, thus leaving your registry fairly empty.


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