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At Alluring Events we believe ceremony seating is about more than just straight lines and evenly-spaced chairs… it’s about inclusiveness, intimacy, emotions, aesthetics and personal style. Function is important, however, there are a lot of options (besides the traditional amphitheater seating) that are worth considering. Here are a few of our favorites.

Love All Around: Ceremonies in the round, with chairs encircling you, or with seating on three sides, offer unparalleled intimacy because the couple is literally surrounded by family and friends. Your guests will feel more like participants in the ceremony than merely spectators.

The Wandering Way: Organic, natural, and imperfect, a curved aisle is a great complement to a garden or vineyard ceremony site. A winding aisle also serves as a wonderful physical representation of a couple’s romantic journey.

Spiral Ceremony: Another unique arrangement and one that’s a great option for intimate weddings is the spiral. Imagine seeing each of your guests as you walk down the aisle, as opposed to just those seated closest to the aisle. You’ll be able to have a special moment with every guest as you venture to the center.

Casual and Cozy: If you’re hosting an informal or backyard wedding, consider picnic style seating for the ceremony. Blankets of various sizes and styles create a casual, eclectic vibe and allow guests to gather in groups about the altar. Just be sure to have some chairs in the back, Grandma will appreciate it!

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