You’re a Wedding Planner?!

When I tell people what I do I often get the same response, “Wow what a stressful job.” I always smile and explain to them how I handle stress well and I do what I love so it makes it all worth it.  Then, people start to go on and on about how glamorous my job must be. People’s responses are always so funny to me. While I love my job 100% and cannot imagine doing anything else, I wouldn’t exactly call it glamorous. Ask anyone who has seen me running around and sweating while tying bows on 200 chairs while it is 110 degrees out…not to glam. The reality of wedding planning is: not everything will work out perfectly. There are so many moving elements to an event and so much happening at one time, there is bound to be a hiccup. One of the most important parts of my job is to come up with a solution when this happens. I am the one who makes those quick decisions for my bride that creates a great end solution and removes the stress from her.

A perfect example of an unforeseen hiccup occurred last weekend. I was working a 25th Anniversary vow renewal at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. We had picked this venue for their 108th floor space showcasing the breathtaking view of the strip. On the day of the event I was walking to the elevator with the centerpieces when I was promptly stopped. I was informed that the tower had blown a fuse and there had been an emergency evacuation. My heart sank and I was in shock. However, I quickly gathered my thoughts and worked with the hotel managers to find solution. The hotel was able to give us a new space to hold our event, but sadly it was only on the 24th floor, losing most of our view.

When things like this happen you have to take a minute and realize there is absolutely nothing anyone can do; it is out of my hands. So, I took a deep breath and rolled with our new Plan B. I quickly coordinated vendors and guests with the new plan. Besides losing the view, another bummer was the fact that all of our really cool rentals had been delivered the night before and were stuck up on the 110th floor with no way for me to get them down. I was able to get a hold of the rental company and have more rentals quickly delivered. We lost a few unique pieces that they did not have duplicates of, but lucky my bride was understanding of the situation. She understood that some things are out of our control and she made the best of the situation. Fast-forward a few hours later to our beautiful event. Everything ended up going completely smoothly. I received multiple comments about how you would have never known this was a “Plan B” and how perfectly everything turned out.  I may have had to run around like a crazy person for a few hours, but my bride and groom were able to focus on what was really important. They were able to focus on each other and the excitement recommitting to one another. That is what makes my job worth it for me, allowing myself to take the stress off of the couple and allow them to have their perfect moment.


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